The SUBZERO  REHAB Cooling Towel by Fire Ninja Safety Equipment has revolutionized emergency responder rehabilitation practices and has assisted first responders in treating patients with heat related emergencies. This product is long overdue and provides numerous benefits from personal cooling use to patient care / core temperature control. This product is designed to actively cool emergency responders in even the most extreme conditions. The double sided RES-QCORE action fabric allows maximum absorption of water and wicks heat away from the body. The towel instantly cools when wet with water or sweat.


       Simply snap or wave the towel in the air to activate the evaporative cooling process. Position the towel to the cooling area and secure it with the (FLEX BAND). The towel does not require refrigeration. It is reusable and machine washable with mild detergent. The REHAB designation was sublimated into the fabric to avoid confusion with any other towels or utility rags.