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 Can I get a company or department logo on the vest? 

    No you cannot

· How much to add a company or department name? 

   Zone 1 Front reflective area & Zone 2 Back Reflective area is $8.99 and 

   Zone 3 ( Which is above zone 2 in mesh part ) $6.99


· What sizes do the vest come in?

    Small, Regular, oversize (fits a Large / X-Large person), 3XL.


· Can I change a colors of vest? No 

  The colors that are featured in our catalog and on our website are the only colors they come in.


· How much per vest? 

  Small, Regular, Oversize $39.99 and 3XL are 42.99 per vest and any customizations to the vest is an   

  additional charge.

·  My vest doesn't fit what do I do? As long as is has no been worn you have 45 days to return it in       

    original packing and request for another size. A return form needs to be filled out and sent back along          

    with the product

· Why is the vest so short? 

   It allows you to have access to your pockets on your bunker gear or your tools.

· Can the Vests be worn in the a fire? 

   No they cannot they are not fire rated.

·  Do they meet all standards? 

   The Red-Fire, Green/ Blue EMS, Blue, Police, Olive Drab-Sheriff meet ANSI/ISEA 107-2015                

   Standards. All Orange Public Safety vests meet ANSI/ISEA107-2010 Standards 


· What is the difference between Type O, Type R, and Type P high-visibility safety vests? 

   ·  Type O

       Type O high visibility apparel is Class 1 gear, which provides the minimum amount of 

        reflective materials required to visually differentiate the wearer from non-complex  backgrounds.

                  Applications where Type O hi-vis apparel may be appropriate: 

                                  Warehouse workers, Mining, PetroChem 

    ·  Type R     

        Type R high visibility apparel  may be Class 2 or 3 safety apparel. Class 2 uses additional amounts of          

         high visibility materials that may define the human form more effectively, while Class 3 offers       

         greater worker visibility through a full range of body motions and where the background is                          

         more complex.

                     Applications for Class 2 hi-vis safety apparel:

                                 Roadway construction worker, Municipalities ,Airline ramp personnel              

                      Applications for Class 3 hi-vis safety apparel:

                                  Flaggers, Department of Transportation, Night-time work, Municipalities or state work

        · Type P

           Type P high visibility apparel may be Class 2 or 3 and provides visual conspicuity during 

           both day and night operations. It is particularly well suited for emergency responders and 

           law enforcement personnel who work in environments with exposure to traffic, including 

           temporary traffic control zones.

                         Applications where Type P apparel is suitable: 

                                    Police, Fire, EMS, Sheriff 

Fire Ninja product catalog

Fire Ninja product catalog  

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